Bob Scharmann
Bob Scharmann
1936 - 2016
Bob Scharmann passed away September 20th, 2016. For over 20 years, Bob was the heart, soul and in many cases the voice of Bounders United. He was wagon master for several national rallies, one of which was the largest in BU history. He hosted countless chapter and multi-chapter rallies. In addition, he was always ready to assist others who were “rookie” wagon masters. When questions came up concerning bylaws or constitutional issues, the answer was frequently, “ask Bob”.

Bob and I talked frequently and no matter the reason for the call, the conversation soon turned to BU. He lived and breathed it. He knew everyone and everyone knew, liked and respected him, not only for BU, but for Bob as a person. The only greater love of his life was Anna and his family. He always talked about them in a very caring way.

Bob and Anna did things for BU that most knew nothing about, purposefully, such as sending out reminders for dues, setting up and administering the scholarship fund. The latter required much work accepting the applications and submitting them to the review committee from academia.

Bob held every elected and volunteer position in BU and some, multiple times. If no one would do it, he would.

We will be honoring Bob at the Hemet national rally in a way yet to be determined, but it will surely be insufficient. Bob has left us with a great legacy and it is up to us to carry on, trying to uphold it.

Anna, we are thinking of you in these days ahead. As Bob would have said, “You are the wind beneath my wings”

GOOD BYE BU 1848    by Don Malick

Oct 18 - 22, 2016